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321 South Hamilton Street, Sullivan, Illinois 61951 USA

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• A B SEALS, Inc. is a custom job shop for the impregnation of all types of porous castings - aluminum, cast iron, zinc, brass, etc. Powdered metal can also be successfully sealed to enhance its ability to be plated. Two vacuum/pressure autoclaves are on line with 36" diameter by 48" and 36" x 60" high capacity. Similar sized wash and rinse tanks are available and larger castings can be handled by the circulation method.

• A B SEALS, Inc. is a member of the American Foundry Association and North American Die Casters Association.

• The sealants manufactured by A B SEALS, Inc. are used for stopping leaks in porous metal castings, powdered metal parts, heating systems including hot water boilers and cooling systems. They are also used to fill the voids in thermal sprayed coatings. Casting porosity can be permanently sealed using "CAST SEAL A" and "CAST SEAL B". The "A" seal is pumped through large castings such as engine heads & blocks at high temperature and pressure to stop leaks. "B" seal is used in vacuum/pressure autoclaves to batch process large quantities of smaller parts. Both methods assure permanent repair to parts which otherwise would have to be scrapped.

• "MOGULOID" sealant has been manufactured by A B SEALS, Inc. since the 1940's to stop leaks in heating systems including boilers, radiators, piping, solar systems, water heaters and engine blocks & heads. A B SEALS, Inc. markets MOGULOID through wholesalers & distributers to solicit new customers through word-of-mouth referrals as well as repeat business from existing customers comprise a high percentage of sales.

• TC-1 "TINNING COMPOUND" is used for high quality results wherever a tinned surface is required, even on aluminum.

• A B Seals is a successor name to Metallizing Company of America, Inc. which was founded in 1924 in California and incorporated in Illinois in 1959. The name was changed in 1986.

• A B SEALS, Inc. owns a 3 story brick building with 65,000 sq. ft. which was purchased in 1967. Facilities include 2 1/2 acre storage and parking area. Nearest airport is Decatur, Illinois - a 25 mile distance. Interstate Highway 57 is 21 miles away.

  1. In 1997 the company diversified by opening a gift/souvenir shop in the historic steam railroading town of Silverton, Colorado. Its name is the Lookout Shop.

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First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust, 200 S. Hamilton St., Sullivan, Illinois, 61951, 217-728-4311
and Citizen's State Bank, 1218 Greene St., Silverton, CO., 81433, 970/387-5501.

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