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Ever been bothered by porosity in castings?

Ever have to reject a machined part that won't hold pressure?

In a recent mailing, we advertised our capabilities to vacuum/pressure impregnate problem castings to seal porosity. Our original letter is shown below:

We are writing today to advertise our enlarged production and parts handling capability. We have installed a 36" diameter by 48" and a 36" x 60" deep vacuum/pressure autoclaves with automatic lid operation. These autoclaves, together with new larger wash and rinse tanks, increases our volume capability by 167%. Please let us quote permanently sealing your leaking castings.

Our speciality is vacuum/pressure impregnation of such problem castings. We are equipped to pick up and deliver your castings. When prompt turnaround is required to seal your leakers think of AB SEALS INC.

We specialize in our own brand of impregnant which we have manufactured for over 50 years. Ours is a time tested method of impregnation using sodium silicate based "CAST SEAL B", which conforms to MIL STD-276.

We also offer parts cleaning service to assure complete impregnant penetration.

Don't throw away your leakers. They can be sealed permanently - for service at working temperatures to 600+ degrees F, plus and pressures matching your casting's strength.

Let us quote on batch impregnation of your "defects" or on your entire production. Send us a sample today.
Why scrap a part when it can be impregnated?

We are presently doing impregnation for several midwest customers. Referrals on request.

We have processed more than 265,000 aluminum castings in 2000 - with very few rejects!

We offer competitive pricing and thorough attention to each casting's processing requirements. We want to be your job shop impregnator.

If you have an impregnation system in-house, let us price our "CAST SEAL B" to you.

We are usually less than 1/2 the cost of resin types - with minimal handling or disposal problems.

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